Kids are smart nowadays. Entertain them while improving their education.

With a one -hour, action-packed, 3-D animated movie, and a bonus interactive DVD game, the award-winning Body Mechanics team helps parents and kids win the fight towards better health by showing them how their bodies work.

The Body Mechanics 2 DVD Pack provides parents with tools to teach children the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Childhood obesity is the most talked-about health topic today.
But while everyone's talking about the problem, the question asked by most parents is "what's the solution?"

The answer is that this is a PREVENTABLE problem !!

If your child learns good habits for healthy eating and being active as children, they are more likely to carry this knowledge through with them to adulthood.

That's why we've created The Body Mechanics brand!

It provides a way for families to talk about health, in a fun and engaging manner. Give your children the best start in life they can get - good health. Learn more about the obesity epidemic.

Families are using The Body Mechanics to learn about how their bodies work. View interviews with them to learn how this has helped their families get healthy and active. View Now