To fight this war against childhood obesity and improve family health, we had to devise a new way of getting kids excited about their own health. Kids are smart - they want to be entertained, not preached to. When you come at them with real entertainment, they love it. (see our Testimonial section)

We wanted to give parents a way to talk with their children and show ways that being a role-model for healthy behaviors was possible and that would bind the family in a fun event. We all know too well how children can resist doing the right thing if it appears boring.

So we developed The Body Mechanics with their first adventure - the action-packed movie and DVD game. It's entertainment that also informs, speaking to kids in a cool, accessible way without ever becoming boring.

A New Family Language for Health

The Body Mechanics create a new way for you to talk about health issues with your children, allowing you to all to speak a new "family language for health".

It provides insights to being a health role model for your children. You and your family can be entertained and learn about health as you have fun playing the DVD game. With different levels of intensity, as a parent you can also be challenged to increase your knowledge about the body and health in general.

The movie - “Escape from Obeez City” tells the story of the obesity problem in a compelling action adventure. It explains the daily war going on inside the body of Jack Decayd, an obese hospital patient in a critical condition.

Inside Jack's body, the heroic Body Mechanics (good) clash against The Coalition of Harm and Disease (evil). As these good and evil characters battle it out, all the family can learn about important body elements and their role in obesity prevention.

The A.K.A. Method

The Body Mechanics brand follows the 3 stage A.K.A. method for effective teaching and behaviour change.

The stages are:
- raise awareness and interest with the DVD movie
Knowledge - increase knowledge of how the body works with the DVD game
Action – provides the intrinsic motivation to make healthy eating habits and active lifestyle choices

Ideal for Your Children

The Body Mechanics 2 DVD Pack is aimed at children between the ages on 5 and 11, but don’t be surprised to find the older children, or even the adults in the family being caught up in the excitement.

There's nothing else like The Body Mechanics 2 DVD Pack. It gives parents the chance to help their kids, and gives kids the chance to learn whilst being entertained. It's a first - and it's a lot of fun.