The DVD movie, “Escape from Obeez City” tells the story of the obesity issues faced by Jack Decayd. There's a war going on inside the body of Jack, and its up to the Body Mechanics to save him.

Inside Jack's body, the heroic Body Mechanics clash against the evil Coalition of Harm and Disease (CHD). Outside, the medical team wait nervously for the result of this battle. Inside they battle for the knowledge of how to combat the diseases that trouble Jack and if The Body Mechanics fail, then there is no hope for Jack and in turn - humanity.

In the movie, viewers go on an awesome adventure travelling to parts of the body in the 'HealthProbe – their vessel for moving around the body' from the HealthQuarters (home of The Body Mechanics). You will visit the Kortex Kave (the brain), Movement Control (Cerebellum) and of course, the decaying lair of A.G. and his cohorts - Obeez City, the base of the CHD. All in high quality 3D CGI animation!

The heroic characters - The Body Mechanics are role models for kids, inspiring them to take control of their lives with better lifestyle choices with knowledge they now possess.

They are locked in combat with their arch rivals - The Coalition of Harm and Disease – three major health issues facing today’s unhealthy society and the ones who are responsible for Jack Decayd's obesity crisis.

Escape from Obeez City is a classic battle of good versus evil but it all occurs within the body and in an action packed way which entertains and educates. Children get enthralled in the characters while they learn adult health concepts at a child's level through the story.

In addition to the Movie and DVD Game, children can be introduced to the characters in the online webisodes in the Kids Zone.