The Body Mechanics - The Good Guys

The heroic characters - The Body Mechanics are role models for kids, inspiring them to live better lifestyles. They are the embodiment of real elements inside the body.

Fighting for The Body Mechanics, is the energetic Gluke or glucagon, the body's under worked energy release officer; and there's Soolynn, or insulin - the body's overworked energy storage officer. There's also Sara Bellum or cerebellum and her father Neuro, who process information in Jack's brain.

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The Coalition of Harm and Disease - The Evil Ones

The Body Mechanics are locked in combat with their arch rivals - The Coalition of Harm and Disease - the ones who are responsible for Jack Decayd's obesity crisis.

Led by AG, the Fat Cell, the evil Coalition of Harm and Disease is comprised of the ghastly Beetez II, the diabetes agent; Col Esterol, who sprays disgusting fats throughout Jack's body; and Kortizol, the chemical who makes Jack so stressed.

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