The Body Mechanics brand follows the three stage A.K.A. method for effective teaching and behaviour change. The three stages are:

Awareness - raise awareness and interest with the DVD movie.
Knowledge - increase knowledge of how the body works with the DVD game.
Action – provides the intrinsic motivation to make healthy eating habits and active lifestyle choices.

In The Body Mechanics brand you have everything you need to help your family choose to eat healthy and be more active.

Stage 1: DVD Movie – “Escape from Obeez City”
An awesome 3D animated action adventure movie that integrates learning with the thrill of fast-paced animation. It introduces your children to complex body elements in a captivating battle inside the body of Jack Decayd between the good (The Body Mechanics) and evil (A.G. and The Coalition of Harm and Disease).

This movie gives the health issues real credibility by presenting them in an entertainment style and in the interactive language that your children crave. It also puts a “face” to diseases and so that children can see who the good guys are and who the bad guys are inside their body.

Stage 2: Interactive DVD Game
This animated DVD game with multiple player option (up to 4), and a timer option as well, consolidates both the children's and parents knowledge of the health information they learnt in the DVD movie. It also provides hours of positive entertainment. There are 1700 multiple choice questions with stylish graphics to test your knowledge. You'll quickly find out how much your children learnt and you might even find that they beat you to the right answer.

You can also select different levels of player skill for each player. This allows players to be challenged at their individual level and particularly for parents and their children to play together creating a fun family experience.