November 2006

Body Mechanics Characters to appear in their own Comic Books.

With praise pouring in for the characters and their development with the Body Mechanics of the Human Body, requests are being received to assess the ability of using the characters in Comic Book

Creative Director of the Body Mechanics, Tony Findlay who wrote and directed the Movie and Interactive DVD Game has indicated that there is a real and present opportunity for a Disease Management Comic Book series.

“We are presently discussing with potential partners and sponsors how this would work but the creative team are moving forward with ideas and scripts for two Comic Book concepts. The first storyline involves the growing worldwide problem of Diabetes, and Dr Francine Kaufman will be integral to that stories medical credibility” he said “and additionally the problem of excessive caloric intake is the second storyline that is being developed”.

“The problem of obesity and illnesses related to it lend themselves to making the Body Mechanics Comic Book series an innovative way to reduce fear and increase specific knowledge of diseases” said Findlay

Potential sponsors who wish to be involved should contact Jason Hincks or Adrian Knight via the website and indicate which opportunity you are interested in.

November 2006

Body Mechanics DVD Movie and Interactive DVD Game to be featured and available on the “Healthy Kids Catalogue” Website
After producing a quality product on children’s health herself, author and child health advocate Merilee A. Kern struggled to find anywhere that she felt adequately allowed for its exposure and has created the website.

Merilee decided to begin the co-odination of products and a venue that would provide parents with somewhere to go to get products such as her book and now books that would be of benefit to combat the problem of childhood obesity.

Having her own website built, she then set about to fill it with quality products that promoted a healthy lifestyle. Surprised at the lack of support for parents of places to get products that would only be of benefit has provided her with a business opportunity that continues to grow.

After finding out about the multi-award winning Body Mechanics and discussing its purpose and goals with creator Tony Findlay, Ms Kerns has decided that this was exactly the kind of product that should be available on the Healthy Kids Catalogue website.

November 2006

Body Mechanics DVD Movie and Interactive DVD Game win multiple awards from Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Awards

The Body Mechanics DVD Movie and Interactive DVD Game have been awarded in multiple categories of the 2006 Annual Awards.

Awards were received for Children’s – Health and Wellbeing and also Educational Products.
Additionally the Body Mechanics won in the Sixth Annual Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award Holiday Gift Guide for 2006.

“Winning multiple awards doesn’t often happen

Creator Tony Findlay said “we’re very excited and pleased to have been a winner of multiple categories with the Annual Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Awards. We strongly believe that the honor from receiving awards like this and the support from such a well respected organization can only add to the continued success of our NEW Health brand.”

The award-winning BODY MECHANICS animated Movie and Interactive DVD Game is taking education and entertainment to a higher level.

October 2006

Body Mechanics Characters being created for public appearances.

Selected characters from the DVD Movie “Escape from OBEEZ CITY” and the Interactive DVD Game are being created to support public appearances and also the Healthy Schools Initiative.

Children will be able to see up close the likes of members of the “good guys” Soolyn (Insulin), and Gluke (Glucagon), and also meet members of the “bad guys” such as Col Esterol (Cholesterol), Beetez II (Diabetes) and Kortz (Cortisol).

Public appearances in selected locations will also assist to reinforce the messages that are being promoted in the Movie, DVD Game, Comic Book Series, Cartoon Series and also the Healthy Schools Initiative. Competitions are being developed so that the characters could appear in Shopping Malls, Schools and other events.

October 2006

Announcing the Body Mechanic Advisory Board

Tony Findlay, company director and creator of the Body Mechanics of the Human Body has formally announced a highly credentialed U.S. Board of Advisors who will act in support of the health initiatives.

All members have volunteered to be part of the ongoing development and provide input as required on various elements. The full listing is available in the Information Zone

September 2006

Dr. Francine Kaufman has joined the Board of Advisors for the Body Mechanics

With the list of distinguished Body Mechanics Board of Advisors growing and gaining tremendous credibility it was strengthened and supported recently with the addition of Dr Francine Kaufman, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on Diabetes.

Dr. Kaufman is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and Head of the Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

A past president of the American Diabetes Association, winner of many awards for both her work and support, she brings incredible expertise to the Creative team in the area of Diabetes (with both adults and children) which is a growing concern all around the world.

Often being approached by many different business ideas from all over the world, Dr Kaufman sees this one as original for its technological edge by using media to both entertain and also educate. This combination seems more likely to be appeal to the children and this will then open the door for opportunity of engaged learning.

She will be involved in a few different areas with the creative team of the Body Mechanics and specifically provide valuable knowledge and input to the Comic Series as well as other areas which are in development stages including the TV Show concept.

Creator Tony Findlay said “I am very pleased and feel honored to have the caliber of Dr Kaufman join our Advisory Board and know that she will add immense talent to a growing team of passionate people committed to this PREVENTABLE issue of obesity”.

August 2006

Body Mechanics Characters to be used in Cartoon Series

Today it was announced that with input from the Board of Advisors a series of key health messages will be provided to the creative team for development into a Cartoon Series that will could also serve as P.S.A.’s (Public Service Announcements) in the area of children’s health.

Featuring the Body Mechanics, the selected messages that need to be understood and adopted to improve the health of children will be created in adventure stories inside the body for cartoon format.

For example messages such below will be scripted and then developed into “Flash animation” in a series of 6 x 1 minute cartoons (to fully tell the story) with the following currently in development :

- Drink more water
- Don’t consume too many excess nutrients
- Eat more vegetables
- Be more active
- Consume more dairy products
- Energy input VS output

Television networks as well as the Health Departments in Government and the Corporate sector have expressed in this segment of the Body Mechanics brand which is planned for launch in early 2007.

Jan 2006

Health and Fitness Instructor creates NEW children’s health brand

Tony Findlay, an Australian fitness instructor for over 20 years has written and directed a 60 minute action, animated adventure called “Escape from OBEEZ CITY”.

In support of this Movie, he has also developed a way for children to learn about fighting diseases that allows the knowledge of the human body to be increased with an Interactive DVD Game.

The game has been specifically designed for the DVD player so that more families will be able to experience it. More common than the XBOX or PlayStation the creative team felt that a greater opportunity would be provided by making use of what is a fairly new “game platform”.

It can be played with all the family so that everyone can become “Apprentice Body Mechanics”. There is multiple play option (up to 4 players) and multiple levels of difficulty (3 levels of challenge). This will provide what Findlay says “is a new opportunity for families to be able to discuss difficult and complex health issues and provides a NEW Family Language for Health”.

Children get to follow these adventures with the BODY MECHANICS, who are battling the ravages in the body with obesity related illnesses.

Characters such as Soolyn (Insulin), Gluke (Glucagon), Sara Bellum (Cerebellum) are the “good guys” who must defeat the Coalition of Harm and Disease who are the “bad guys” with Col Esterol (Cholesterol) and Beetez II (Diabetes II) and Kortizol (Cortisol). The evil mastermind is Awesome Guy (The Fat Cell) who has built a place called OBEEZ CITY inside the body and is causing major problems.

Findlay has developed his own term for educating children which is A.K.A. and stands for Awareness (which is the Entertainment of the movie), Knowledge (which is the Education of the Interactive DVD Game) and Action (which is the impetus to Experience movement in a positive way).

Children all over the United States (and soon the rest of the world) are following the storylines, gaining knowledge, and becoming part of the Global Federation of Body Mechanics on the exciting website which will continue to be added to with fantastic content including games and activities.

Findlay says “losing my father to obesity was a very motivating reason to assist others learn how their bodies work. Passion and adventure are included when working with children and their families, which is a major bonus with this exciting opportunity”.